Event Liability Insurance

Events are great places for artists, crafters, and tradesmen to sell, display, and promote their work. While events are beneficial for artists, crafters, and tradesmen, some risk is involved when mass amounts of people gather together. Often venues or promoters require vendors or participants to carry liability insurance in the event that bodily injury or property damage occurs and a lawsuit is filed.

If anything happens on accident or due to negligence, you don’t want to be liable without having insurance to help protect you. People do trip and injure themselves, and they do break things accidentally. Sometimes equipment, products, or business property is stolen. You don’t want to be the one paying for the claims by yourself, but event insurance provides coverage for the accidents and negligence that is often unavoidable or impossible.

Annual event insurance contains general liability, product liability, and property coverage options to insure you have the protection necessary for your business. ACT Insurance Program offers two event insurance options to meet the different needs you may have in your business. Click here for more ACT insurance coverage details.

Our Products

Artists, Crafters & Tradesman Insurance Program (ACT) offers two event liability insurance options to meet the different needs of each artist, crafter, and tradesman.

  • ACT's Show Policy provides short-term general liability coverage for artists who need insurance for one event or a couple consecutive events.
  • ACT's Annual Policy provides more comprehensive coverage for 12 months for artists who attend multiple events (more than six per year), sell products online, and/or sell products out of their homes. An optional professional liability add-on includes coverage if artists create instructional videos, teach classes, perform demonstrations, host training sessions, and/or host art workshops. These two programs comply with most venue insurance requirements and allow an unlimited number of free additional insureds.

Why Go to Events?

Attending events provides priceless physical interaction with other artists, clients, promoters, and event attendees.

Events foster opportunities to:

  • Forge connections with other artists
  • Increase networking with potential customers
  • Develop relationships with event promoters
  • Strengthen your professional presence

Participating in events boosts business and community presence for anyone who attends. Events place you among other artists, clients, and promoters, allowing you to increase your networking and marketing. Combined with the online presence you already have with websites, social media, and other online programs, attending events supplies great ways to make your name known among others like you or interested in your work. These interactions are vital in increasing and maintaining your business growth.

Find Events near You

Locating local or non-local events can be difficult because of how widespread events are across the country. If you are not currently involved in events and want to participate, it may be overwhelming to begin your event search. Here are five websites to help you get started, find events, and apply to events. You can also find events through local online communities and by searching event venues.

For additional types of event insurance or if you are a promoter or organizer looking to purchase insurance for your event, visit http://www.insuretheevent.com.


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