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Clothing Insurance
Off-the-Rack Liability Coverage for Vendors, Designers, and Clothiers


What Is Clothing & Apparel Insurance?

Clothing and apparel insurance is coverage designed to protect you from claims of injuries or damages caused by your business. It can also help you meet the insurance requirements needed to become a vendor at events or get your products into stores.

Clothing Maker Insurance
Handcrafted for YOU

Save Your Time

  • Get a policy in 10 minutes or less
  • Instantly download your Certificate of Insurance
  • Apply online at any time on any device

Save Your Money

  • ACT Go policies start at $49 for 1–3 days of coverage
  • Monthly payments available for ACT Pro policies
  • Enjoy free, unlimited Additional Insureds on all policies

Save Your Worries

  • No deductible on liability claims
  • Nationwide coverage* accepted by most events
  • Insure tools, products, and more with ACT Annual

Coverage for clothiers and crafters who design, sell, and show their work at events, online, or in stores.

Who it’s for

  • Vendors
  • Makers
  • Clothiers

Where it works

  • At events
  • Online
  • In stores

What it covers*

  • Vendor booths
  • Handmade appare
  • Injuries and damages
*Garments and apparel for infants, toddlers, and children are excluded from our ACT Annual policy. A full list of exclusions on the ACT Show and ACT Annual policies can be found on our site.

Dressing You in the Right Coverage

ACT Go policies and ACT Pro policies are two styles of clothing insurance you can choose from. Each offers unique coverages, allowing you to stitch together the right plan for you.

If you sell your clothing at events, showcase it in galleries, or feature it in fashion shows, ACT Go may cover you. This short-term policy is best for makers who only participate in these events a few times a year.

The ACT Pro policy includes the same coverage as ACT Go, plus additional coverage for your products and year-round protection. You can also add on coverage for your supplies or professional services, like clothing repairs and personal style consultations.

More than just events


Year-round Coverage Selling Online, In Person, And Much More!

More Coverage Year Round


24/7 Access To Policy Documents

Licensed In All 50 States*

Not Premises Specific 

$2M General Liability Aggregate

$1M General Liability Per Occurrence

$5K Medical Expenses

$300K Coverage For Damages To Premises Rented To You 

$1M Products & Completed Operations Coverage 

$1M Personal & Advertising Injury

General Liability For Online Sales 


Cyber Liability 

Professional Liability

$5K or $10K Tools, Supplies, & Inventory Coverage (Inland Marine) 

Starts at $24.25/Month

Temporary policies for Events


Get a quick and easy short-term policy to cover you at a show or event —or even a whole season of them. 

1-90 Day Policies


24/7 Access To Policy Documents

Licensed In All 50 States*

Not Premises Specific

$2M General Liability Aggregate

$1M General Liability Per Occurrence 

$5K Medical Expenses

$300K Coverage For Damages To Premises Rented To You


EZ Renew (for 90 day policies)

Starts at $49/Event

Common Questions About Clothing and Apparel Insurance

Who Needs Clothing Insurance?

Clothing insurance is designed for people who make and sell their own clothes and apparel. If you need coverage for an event or to sell your products through a retailer, ACT Go and ACT Pro* can help you easily receive the coverage you need.

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How Do I Apply?

You can apply online through the ACT website. The application takes 10 minutes or less to complete, and your Certificate of Insurance is available to download immediately after purchase through your online dashboard.

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How Much Liability Coverage Comes in Clothing and Apparel Insurance?

Both the ACT Go and ACT Pro policies come with up to $2 million in General Liability coverage, $5,000 in Medical Expense coverage, and $300,000 in Damages to Premises Rented to You coverage for clothing and apparel insurance.

ACT Go Policy

  • $2M / $1M General Liability
  • $5K Medical Expenses
  • $300K Damages to Premises Rented to You

ACT Pro Policy
Same as ACT Go, plus…

  • $2M / $1M Product Liability
  • $2M / $1M Personal & Advertising Injury
  • $10K / $5K Tools, Supplies, & Inventory (optional)
  • $200K / $100K Professional Liability (optional)
  • $100K / $100K Cyber Liability (optional)

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Do I Need Clothing Store Insurance If I Only Sell Online?

Yes, the ACT Pro* policy offers clothing store insurance coverage for online sales. Your product is still at risk of causing injuries or damages, as well as the risks you face doing business digitally.

Selling a product online or operating your business online puts you at risk of cyber attacks. The ACT Pro policy offers an optional add-on of Cyber Liability Insurance. If your business is attacked and important information or funds are stolen, this coverage can help you pay to retrieve the stolen goods and notify customers of a data breach.

You also likely do a lot of promotions for your business online. If one of your ads is found to violate copyright laws, be accused of defamation, or infringes on someone’s intellectual rights, Personal & Advertising Injury coverage included on this policy may cover you. 

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What’s the Difference Between a Go vs Pro Clothes Store Insurance Policy?

The two biggest differences between ACT Go and ACT Pro clothes store insurance policies are the type of coverage you need and if you hand make the clothing you sell.

The ACT Go policy can be used at vendor events to sell handmade clothes you make, wholesale, or manufacture. It can also be used for general liability coverage at events like galleries or fashion shows. It is a short-term policy that can cover you for 1–3 days, 7 days, or 90 days consecutively.

The ACT Pro policy* can be used by clothiers who hand make their own clothing. It can cover you at events, as a vendor, for online sales, or for wholesale orders you fulfill. It is a year long policy that includes product liability coverage and gives you the option to add on additional coverages. You can also choose from one yearly payment or 12 monthly payments.

Both policies offer nationwide coverage, free unlimited additional insureds, 24/7 online access to your policy documents, and no deductible on liability claims.

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*It’s important to note the ACT Pro policy does require you to hand make at least 80% of the products you are selling. You may use some pieces manufactured by someone else as long as you are changing them from their original form. This may be adding custom embroidery to shirts you buy in bulk, or hand dying pairs of pre-made denim jeans. You cannot be covered by having someone else mass produce a product for you, even if it has your custom designs on it.