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Requirements for Artists & Crafters Insurance by State

Understand what your state requires (and recommends) for small business and vendor insurance so you can safely sell your works of art.

Check Arts, Crafts, & Vendor Insurance Laws in My State

Every state, event, and retail contract is going to vary when it comes to insurance requirements. Our coverage is handcrafted to help you meet or exceed most of these mandatory needs. ACT offers nationwide coverage, meaning you’ll be protected in all 50 states — plus, we won’t raise the price of your policy based on your location or how many events you attend.

See what’s included in ACT’s Show and Annual artist and crafters insurance policies to learn which is best for you.

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Who’s Required to Carry Craft Insurance?

If you are making and selling your own artwork or products, there’s a chance you may need some artists insurance coverage. This includes creatives who pursue art full-time, artists with an LLC, and those who only craft occasionally but want to sell their items at events or online.

Whether it’s required of you or not, it’s still wise to carry insurance so you can protect yourself against accidents and unwanted claims.

Vendors, Small Business Owners, and Online Sellers are most likely to need insurance when selling their works of art. Most types of commercial business insurance are not mandated by law, but some events, cities, landlords, online marketplaces, or retailers may require proof of insurance before you can be a vendor, start an LLC, rent a space, or wholesale products.

Here’s what we cover on ACT Pro, and here’s what we cover on ACT Go

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Top Arts & Crafts Events Near You

Interested in attending a local craft show? We’ve got you covered! Find the top arts and crafts events happening in your state this year.