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Virgina Artist and Crafter Vendor Insurance

ACT Insurance in Virginia

From the Shenandoah Mountains to Virginia Beach, there are hundreds of shows and festivals for artists, crafters, and other vendors to attend. However, as a vendor at one of these fairs or festivals, you may have encountered the need for insurance and wondered if the coverage you purchased was truly right for you. ACT Insurance has created two policies to help meet the needs of your unique business.

Our ACT Go policy is a general liability policy that offers you coverage starting at $49/event for 1–3 consecutive days. For an additional premium, this policy can even cover you for as many as 90 consecutive days (with the option to renew). However, if you are looking for broader coverage, or simply need coverage for a full year, consider an ACT Pro policy.

The Pro policy starts at only $24.25/month and gives you a full 365 days of coverage. This coverage includes benefits like products completed operations, the option to add theft and damage coverage, and coverage for sales made online. If you’re ready to buy, click here. In the meantime, check out these amazing shows. 

The Top 10 Festivals for Arts & Crafts in Virginia:

  1. Virginia Lake Festival
  2. Chincoteague Blueberry Festival
  3. Arlington County Fair
  4. Seawall Art Show
  5. Olde Salem Days
  1. Broadway Autumn Days Craft Show
  2. Artisans in the Park
  3. Craftsmen’s Christmas Classics Art & Craft Show
  4. Edison Craft & Vendor Fair
  5. Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival
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ACT Go Policy

The ACT Go policy—also known as short-term event insurance—is designed to meet the insurance requirements of most venues that host art and craft fairs. Policy term options start at 1-3 days and can go as high as 90 days (with the option to renew). Policies start at $49 and include a variety of options that meet the unique needs of your business.

Note: Product Liability and Completed Operations coverages are specifically excluded in the Show Policy. If you need products coverage or are looking for a more comprehensive option, check out our ACT Pro policy option, which is also designed for those in the art and craft industry!

Starting at $49/Event Or $24.25/Month

Why Choose ACT Insurance?

As an artist or crafter in Virginia, you need a policy that can you give the protection your business needs and that offers peace of mind as you go to work each day. ACT Insurance policies offer this protection and peace of mind. It also includes the following benefits:

ACT today and protect your arts and crafts business in Virginia with the most affordable insurance and superior coverages in the industry.

ACT Insurance Is Available Nationwide*

Did you buy a policy in Virginia and then move to a different state? No problem! Your policy follows you wherever you go, provided you follow the licensing and/or registration requirements of the state where you live.