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Exhibitor/Trade Show Liability Insurance

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Being a vendor and selling your products at trade shows is one of the most popular ways for you and other people who have similar interests to get together. There is so much to see and do, and, as an exhibitor at a trade show, you have the potential to make a good profit from sales of your arts and crafts. But there is also a potential for accidents as well. These accidents, if they happen on your premises and you are held responsible, could take take away that profit and then some.

But you also don’t have to let the risk of an accident keep you from selling your arts and crafts at trade shows because there is a way for you to minimize risk before you even get to the expo. Our Artists, Crafters, & Tradesmen (ACT) Insurance was created for artisans like you who need the protection that liability insurance for trade shows provides.

ACT includes two policies to fit your needs. Our Show Policy is for those who only need liability coverage for a short term basis. If you attend many different events or shows throughout the year, our comprehensive Annual Policy is another great option.

To compare both policies and see which one is best for you, please visit our comparison page page.

ACT Program Benefits

Starting at $49/Event or $24.25/Month