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Oregon Artist and Crafter Vendor Insurance

ACT Insurance in Oregon

From the Portland Saturday Market to the Harvest Festival in Central Point, Oregon has a rich history of creativity and artistry. As an artist or crafter, you’ve created unique products to share your passion with others. At Artists, Crafters, and Tradesman Insurance, we’ve created two unique insurance policies to protect you and your business.

The ACT Go policy is great for artists and crafters who are only looking for a general liability policy and only need it a couple times each year. If you participate as a vendor at many shows each year, then you should consider the ACT Pro policy because of its broader coverage and annual protection.

Choosing the best shows or festivals for you to attend can be difficult, but let us help you make it easier. Here are some of the best shows across Oregon for you to consider attending.

Top 10 Arts & Crafts Festivals in Oregon:

  1. Art in the Pearl
  2. Saturday Market’s Holiday Market
  3. OSU Holiday Marketplace
  4. Pear Blossom Festival Street Fair
  5. Portland Saturday Market
  1. Moms & Family Weekend Art Festival
  2. Native American Arts Festival
  3. Boatnik Festival
  4. Crafts on the Coast Spring Arts & Crafts Festival
  5. Rogue River National Rooster Crow
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Starting at $49/Event Or $24.25/Month

ACT Pro Policy

The ACT Pro policy includes even more coverage than is provided in ACT Go, foremost among them being Products & Completed Operations coverage. In addition, you can also add Professional Liability Insurance (which you will need if you teach, host training sessions, or do art demonstrations) and add Tools, Supplies, & Inventory Coverage (which can cover theft and damages). Policies last for 12 months and start at $24.25/Month.

Starting at $49/Event Or $24.25/Month

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Why Choose ACT Insurance?

As an artist or crafter in Oregon, you need a policy that is not only affordable, but can also give you the protection your business needs. The policy should also offer peace of mind as you go to work each day. ACT Insurance policies offer this protection and peace of mind. It also includes the following benefits:

ACT today and protect your art or craft business in Oregon with the most affordable insurance and superior coverages in the industry.

ACT Insurance Is Available in All 50 States*

Did you buy a policy in Oregon and then move to a different state? No problem! Your policy follows you wherever you go, provided you follow the licensing and/or registration requirements of the state where you live.