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Massachusetts Artist and Crafter Vendor Insurance

ACT Insurance in Massachusetts

Every year in the Bay State, there are more than 300 art and craft shows. This makes it a great state for artists and crafters looking to sell or showcase their work. However, as artist or crafter in Massachusetts, you’ve probably purchased insurance for one or more shows, but you’ve probably also wondered if you’re getting the most for your money.

At Artist, Crafters, and Tradesmen Insurance (ACT), we’ve developed two insurance policies to ensure your coverage is customized to your needs, yet still affordable. Our ACT Go policy starts at $49/event for 1–3 days and offers excellent general liability coverage. However, if you need more extensive coverage, you might consider our annual ACT Pro policy which starts at $24.25/month for 365 days of coverage.

If you’re ready to buy, click here, otherwise check out these shows throughout the state.

Top 10 Arts & Crafts Festivals in Massachusetts:

  1. By the Bay: Fourth of July Festival
  2. Hyannis Summer Arts and Craft Festival
  3. Summer in Brewster Arts and Craft Festival
  4. Experience Gardner Festival and Sidewalk Sale
  5. Gloucester Waterfront Festival
  1. Kill Tide Arts and Craft Festival
  2. Bass River Arts and Craft Festival
  3. Mattoon Street Arts Festival
  4. Shepherd Hill’s Festival of Crafts
  5. Original Castelberry Faire
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Why Choose ACT Insurance?

As an artist or crafter in Massachusetts, you need a policy that is not only affordable, but can also give you the protection your business needs. The policy should also offer peace of mind as you go to work each day. ACT Insurance policies offer this protection and peace of mind. It also includes the following benefits:

ACT today and protect your art or craft business in Massachusetts with the most affordable insurance and superior coverages in the industry.

ACT Insurance Is Available in All 50 States

Did you buy a policy in Massachusetts and then move to a different state? No problem! Your policy follows you wherever you go, provided you follow the licensing and/or registration requirements of the state where you live.