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Event Liability Insurance For Candle Makers

Candle making is a creative craft—your work brings ambiance to a home, lightens moods, and adds a quaint or eccentric touch to one’s decor. Candle makers insurance is designed to help you meet vendor requirements to sell at events, shows, festivals and more.


ACT Policies for Candle Makers

ACT is one of the leading event candle insurance companies, helping candle makers like you access quality vendor coverage for one of the lowest prices on the market. The ACT Go policy is made for vendors who only need 1–90 days of consecutive general liability insurance—making it ideal for you to sell your candles at events for a weekend or a season.

Do I Need Candle Insurance For Events & Trade Shows?

If you plan on attending an event to sell candles, you will most likely need candle insurance. Candle maker event insurance offers general liability protection to help safeguard your business while at an event.

As a vendor, you can get a lot of foot traffic in and out of your booth. Someone could hurt themselves tripping over your display or burn their handbag standing too close to the open flame of a sample candle. Even a sudden gust of wind could send your tent flying into someone’s vehicle, breaking a window or scratching the paint.

You never know when something can go wrong—and a single claim can lead to medical bills, legal fees, or damage to your reputation. Candle making event insurance is an important investment you can make today that can save you time, money, and stress later.

How Much Does Candle Insurance For Events Cost?

The cost of event insurance for candle makers starts at $49 for 1–3 days of consecutive coverage with ACT Go. We also offer longer policy lengths for an additional cost. The seven-day policy allows for one full week of coverage for $99 and the 90-day policy offers three months of continuous coverage for $149 (with the option to renew).

ACT offers the highest insurance limits for the lowest price on the market, so you can get the coverage you deserve at a price you can afford. All plans also include FREE unlimited additional insureds!

Annual Policy Options

ACT Insurance is partnered with HSCG and IBN. Annual policy options may be available through either organization.

The ACT Pro policy excludes coverage for candlemakers.