Saving $$ When Attending Art and Craft Events

Saving $$ When Attending Art and Craft Events

There are many reasons why artists and crafters attend shows, festivals, fairs, and other events. It is a great way to meet new people and get the word out about the artist’s work. It can be a way to see new places and experience life beyond home. It might even be a fun road trip that brings the artists and crafters closer to their family and/or employees.

But there is really one overarching reason that supercedes all others: to sell your arts or crafts and make money.

Sure those other reasons can be important, but if the artist or crafter doesn’t plan on making money, the trip, when it comes down to it, really is just a waste of time.

One of the best ways to make the trip worth the time and effort it will take to get everything ready is to save money on the trip in the first place. In this way you can use more resources to improve your booth or, if it comes to it, decrease any losses you might have at the event. The following are 5 ways that you can save money when attending art and craft events.

  1. Pay Registration Fees Early: When it comes to paying registration fees for the event, it is almost always a good idea to pay early. The events will usually offer lower prices before a certain date. This purchase window can save you anywhere from $20 to over $100. Take advantage.
  1. Save on Travel: When it comes to plane tickets, buying early usually is the best option because tickets usually get more expensive the closer the fly date comes. It is true that occasionally the prices will drop dramatically the days before, but there is also a good chance they won’t, and then you are stuck paying a lot more than you might have. If you’re driving, plan ahead and find the stations that offer gas at the best price. Also be sure to get your car ready for the trip. You’d be surprised how something as minor as underinflated tires can increase your costs.
  1. More Driving Tips: If you can, consider driving without the AC or heat on because it can eat up the fuel. Also, avoid speeding for two reasons: First, it eats up gas, and second, if you get a speeding ticket, most, or even all, of the money you are saving to get to the event will be gone.
  1. Bring a Cooler and Food: Eating out for every meal while going to the event, at the event, and going home can be really expensive, even if you are eating at cheaper fast-food restaurants. A much cheaper way to eat is to pack food for the trip. This not only includes meals, but also snacks and drinks for the road.
  1. Save Receipts: Since tax day is coming, here’s a tip you might not have thought of. Come tax time, those receipts you get when you purchase certain items that are for the event will come in handy. Some of the expenses you have for the event are tax deductible, but you will need receipts and invoices for proof. Talk to a tax expert to know exactly what expenses are tax deductible.

Having saved money on getting to the event, there is less pressure to make a huge (and sometimes unrealistic) profit at the event.

Have any other money saving tips you’d like to share? Want to discuss the tips we provided? Please comment below.


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