Craft Your Own Insurance: How Custom Insurance Works

Craft Your Own Insurance: How Custom Insurance Works

Craft Your Own Insurance: How Custom Craft Fair Insurance Works

As an artist, crafter, vendor, or concessionaire you’re regularly selling your work at various events, festivals, and fairs. Since your booth is typically located at fairgrounds or on the street, this alone can pose risks for your customers. Craft fair insurance is a necessary investment that can provide your business with financial backing if for some reason you were sued by a patron who injures themselves at your booth.

How Craft Fair Insurance Works

Craft fair insurance is a combination of different types of liability insurance. Each of our policies includes general liability and coverage for damage to premises rented. These types of insurance can cover bodily injury or property damage claims that you become legally obligated to pay due to your business services.

There are several options that you can add to your annual policy, called endorsements, that may provide coverage for a variety of potential claims. These endorsements include the ability to add additional insureds to your policy, meaning you can add other individuals who will also be covered by your insurance, as well as the ability to choose higher coverage limits, much like your car insurance would allow.

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The Show Policy

Our craft insurance show policy can provide coverage from 1-3 days and up to 90 consecutive days, for a low premium.

The primary insurance types included in the show policy are:

  • General Liability
  • Damages to Property Rented to You

This is a great option if you only need insurance for one or two shows throughout the year. If you are a career craft fair vendor, a more affordable and robust option is the annual policy.

Learn more about the show policy and limits.

The Annual Policy

The annual policy provides broader, more comprehensive coverage for your business if you’re attending regular craft fairs and other events throughout the year and sell your products online.

Not only do you get the general liability and damages to property rented coverage outlined above, but you also have the option to add several other endorsements:

The annual policy provides coverage for your business for a year from the effective date that you choose. Learn more about the annual policy.

Why Do You Need Craft Fair Insurance?

As a craft fair vendor, insurance may be required by the craft fair event director. Not only is it a requirement but it also provides peace of mind so you can operate your business safely and confidently.

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How to Get Covered

Getting coverage from ACT is a simple as completing our 3-step online application. Most customers claim that it takes 10 minutes from quote to coverage.

Craft fair insurance is customizable and tailored to your specific needs. We’re not going to make you pay for an annual policy if a show policy is the best option for your business or vice versa. We care about your business and want you to choose the policy that’s right for you.

Purchase your craft fair insurance from us today!

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