Why Register Your Event?

ACT Insurance helps event promoters provide their vendors with top-rated liability insurance while automatically listing their event as an additional insured.

Manage Vendor Insurance Online

Receive a custom webpage where vendors can purchase their event insurance.

Assign Additional Insureds

Insure your event by automatically naming yourself as an additional insured.

Download Vendor Certificates Instantly

View, verify, and download Certificates of Insurance from your online dashboard.

Reduce your risk of claims and register your event with ACT today!

See What ACT Can Do For You

ACT helps event promoters reduce liability responsibility by providing artists and vendors the ability to purchase their own insurance policies.

By creating a no-cost account and registering an event, you can allow vendors to link their policies to the registered event, providing extra protection for you.

Why Require Artists To Obtain Their Own Insurance Policy?

Liability claims can be very expensive for an event promoter, even if they have their own insurance policy. Claims arising out of vendor negligence can cause your insurance premiums to increase and possibly lead to policy non-renewal.

ACT provides coverage for each vendor on an individual basis, placing responsibility on their own insurance policy instead of yours. Naming the event as an additional insured can help protect you from being named liable and your insurance from being affected.

Friends hang out at an outdoor arts and crafts event.

Event Insurance For Your Vendors

When you direct vendors to ACT Insurance, they can experience a simple purchasing process. Our online application makes it easy to get a policy at any time on any device in just minutes.

What Policy Is Best For Your Event?

With ACT, your vendors can experience high quality coverage at an affordable rate. Our policies are the best on the market, giving vendors the highest limits at the lowest cost.

With both short-term general liability and annual product liability policies, you can help vendors select the best policy for your event.

Show Policy

1–90 Day Policies
with prices starting at
$49 / event
  • 24/7 Access To Policy Documents
  • Licensed In All 50 States
  • Not Premises Specific
  • $2M General Liability Aggregate
  • $1M General Liability Per Occurrence
  • $5K Medical Expenses
  • $300K Coverage For Damages To Premises Rented To You
  • Optional EZ Renew For 90 Day Policies

Save time and money with ACT, and start offering your vendors the preferred choice for liability insurance.