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Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Artist, Crafters, and Tradesmen Insurance is always looking for outstanding fairs, shows, and festival to share with our artists.

One such festival, the Columbus Arts Festival, takes place in Columbus, Ohio, has been around since 1961, and is one of ACT’s most popular shows. In fact, not only is popular with ACT, but it has frequently been referenced as one of the best festivals in the nation by Sunshine Artist, Art Fair Sourcebook, and Art Fair Calendar.

With the glassy Scioto river winding through Columbus’ lush and vibrant downtown area, it’s easy to see why the festival attracts both US-based artists and international ones.

If you’re an artist or crafter planning to attend the Columbus Arts Festival, ACT Insurance can provide the coverage you and the festival need, through either our ACT Go or ACT Pro Policies.

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Why Choose ACT Insurance?

As an artist or crafter planning to attend the Columbus Arts Festival, you need a policy that can you give the protection your business needs and that offers peace of mind as you go to work each day. ACT Insurance policies offer this protection and peace of mind. It also includes the following benefits:

Choose ACT today and protect your arts and crafts business with the most affordable insurance and superior coverages in the industry.

ACT Insurance Is Available in All 50 States*

Did you know when you buy a policy, you have coverage in every state? Your policy follows you wherever you go, provided you follow the licensing and/or registration requirements of the state where you live.