Results from Our April 2016 Survey on Artist Insurance from ACT

Results from Our April 2016 Survey on Artist Insurance from ACT

In our April newsletter, we asked our ACT customers to take a survey to tell us more about themselves and what they think about ACT and the artist insurance we offer.Thank you to all who took this survey. Here are some of the results that we thought might interest ACT artists and potential customers.

ACT Policyholders are Entrepreneurs and Creators

First of all, our policyholders are divided pretty evenly between the ACT annual policy and the ACT show policy. About 40% of our survey respondents owned show polices and 44% own annual policies. This makes sense because both policies are a great option.

The show policy offers general liability at a great value to artists and crafters. The annual policy covers vendors at their shows throughout the year and also includes some additional coverages like product liability insurance.

The artists and crafters who purchase artist insurance from ACT produce all kinds of work. The largest group is handmade jewelry makers at 34% followed by painters at 16%, woodworkers at 8%, and clothing makers at 8%.

When asked what their goals were for their business, two answers stood out. Many of our customers hope to support themselves full-time, and many hope to be known and recognized in their community and/or throughout the country for their work and their brand. ACT customers are entrepreneurs with bold and admirable ambitions.

Here is what a few ACT customers said when asked what their goals are for their business:

I just started doing this full time and quit my day job.

To produce high quality leatherwork for Renaissance faires and Etsy.

To be a full time artist

To grow

Create jobs to sustain many henna artists. Serve beautiful body art that brings two worlds together.

Enjoy my passion with a little profit

To make a small profit in retirement while still enjoying my craft.

Go from hobby to full time business

World (or at least photo letter art) domination!

ACT Customers Can Be Found Throughout the Arts and Crafts Community

ACT customers sell their work at many venues. The majority of them (89%) sell their work at craft shows and art fairs. Most of them (45%) also sell their work on personal website, and on Etsy or Facebook (34%).

We are grateful to our ACT customers for all of the kind comments they had about ACT on our survey. 80% of our customers said they plan to renew their policy and 76% said that they have recommended ACT to other artists and crafters.

Thank you to all who responded to our survey!



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Stacey B. - Maine

"This is a great way to obtain insurance for trade shows. Online purchase is very convenient and affordable. I so appreciate your quick response in getting me set up."

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