Event Administrators: Keep Your Vendors from Putting You at Risk

Event Administrators: Keep Your Vendors from Putting You at Risk

ACT Insurance provides industry-leading arts and crafts vendor insurance. By offering both annual and event plans, ACT is looking out for you as event administrators as well as your vendors. While our plans are specific to vendors, we’ve prioritized working with event administrators in order to give them peace of mind by making sure vendors add you as an additional insured.

If you’re an event administrator, organizer or director, you have a full slate of tasks. Requiring artists and crafters to carry vendor insurance should be one of them. At ACT Insurance, we make the process to sign up vendors as simple and easy as possible.

Why Should You Be Interested?

It doesn’t take a disaster on a grand scale to ruin an event. Something as innocuous as an attendee stumbling in a vendor’s booth could spell trouble for the vendor and you.

ACT's general liability limits are:

  • $1,000,000 per occurance
  • $2,000,000 aggregate

With ACT vendor insurance, artists and crafters can and should claim you as an additional insured. This protects you from covered third-party claims due to bodily injury or property damage arising from your vendor's’ negligence.

Additionally, your partnership with ACT gives you access to the following benefits:

  • Promoter account, with 24/7 online management access
  • Free event registration on our site
  • Direct links to your event's insurance application
  • Required wording and coverage dates automatically added when purchased
  • Documents for your vendors insurance can be viewed from your account and emailed directly to you
  • Licensed insurance agents to answer vendor questions regarding insurance

Automated management of insurance for Vendors/Exhibitors

When the time comes to help vendors sign up for insurance and add you as an additional insured, you have two options to simplify the process:

Option 1. Let your vendors “opt in” to insurance on their application.

As part of your booth application, you can list a booth price with and without the cost of insurance, and give vendors the chance to opt in to it. You can do this through the following steps:

Step 1: You'll be provided with a spreadsheet and a template, which you’ll fill out with the information of the vendors who opt in.

Step 2: We’ll cover all of the paperwork from that point, making sure everyone who has opted in has the right insurance with any required wording and the correct dates.

Step 3 Finally, we’ll send you an invoice for the premium due from those who opted in. The entire process can be done completely paperless. You’ll have 24/7 access through your promoter account to view and download vendor and exhibitors policy documents.

The Claremont Chamber of Commerce used this system for their Village Venture Arts & Craft Faire and had this to say:

ACT Insurance has made it easy for our vendors to get one day insurance for our show. They are very easy and professional to work with.

Sounds simple, right? Our next option is simpler still:

Option 2. Require vendor to sign up for an ACT event policy, and roll the cost of that policy into the booth fee.

This provides you and your vendors with the same benefits mentioned above, but saves you the time and headache of keeping track of who has or hasn’t opted in to our plan. This option, rather than giving your vendors an “opt-in” option on their application, will automatically issue a policy for them, following the same steps in option one. You can simply say that insurance is included from ACT!*

The best option for you depends on the specifics of your event and what you specifically require for insurance. Contact us to find out how ACT vendor insurance can insure your next event. We’ll get you set up with a dedicated insurance agent to help you through the process.

Orchestrating an event of any size leaves you with a full plate. The last thing you want to be worrying about is your vendors’ event insurance. Let us worry about it for you, and go into your event knowing that you have excellent general liability coverage for them.


*Vendors who are adamant about not paying the insurance costs, and who can provide proof that they’re already insured, may opt out of having coverage included in their booth fee.


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Stacey B. - Maine

"This is a great way to obtain insurance for trade shows. Online purchase is very convenient and affordable. I so appreciate your quick response in getting me set up."

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