3 Common Types of Artist Insurance Claims

One of the best ways to get your artwork into the hands of the public is by attending festivals, shows, and other events that accept artists as vendors. At these shows, you’re able to talk with the people who are purchasing your artwork, and these personal connections can drive even greater sales.

However, whenever you sell to the public, there are always risks you have to prepare for. Having the proper artists insurance coverage helps protect your business in the event that one of these risks becomes a reality.

Protecting yourself while you attend shows is especially important, as these venues offer their own set of unique risks. It’s important that you get an insurance policy specifically designed to meet these needs.

To help you better understand some of the risks you might be facing, read through the list below describing some common artist insurance claims.

  1. "The wind destroyed my tent."

    Many festivals, especially in the spring and summer months, are held outside. If you attend a festival, your booth, supplies, and tent are all at the mercy of the elements, including wind.

    Even if your tent is properly staked down, sometimes no matter what you do, the force of the wind may still be strong enough to blow it over and potentially cause damage to your tent, as well as other items and people around you. In this situation, you would need general liability coverage. Without it, you would be personally responsible for the cost of repair and replacement for the tent, any other tents that were damaged, and even the cost of medical bills if anyone was injured.

  1. "A customer was injured while visiting my booth.

    This claim also typically falls under the general liability portion of an artist insurance policy. If someone trips over a cord in the booth and sprains their ankle or they cut themselves on a broken table corner, you will need an insurance policy that includes limits of liability for medical expenses.

  1. "Someone broke into my car and stole my art supplies."

    The third most common claim we see is for stolen supplies and property. Though the items were taken out of your vehicle, they will not be covered by your auto policy since they are a part of your business. Because this is such a common claim, you really want to consider a policy that includes “inland marine” coverage—this type of liability is also sometimes referred to as business personal property coverage.

    While general liability coverage is offered by both policies available from Artists, Crafters, and Tradesmen (ACT) Insurance, business personal property coverage is only offered by our Annual Policy. Starting at only $265 per year, it’s a small price to pay for protection against the potential cost of thousands of dollars in damages.


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