ACT Insurance and the Art Industry

ACT Insurance and the Art Industry

Artists, Crafters, & Tradesman (ACT) Insurance is always looking for ways to give back to the artist and crafters community. We travel all over the United States talking to artists and crafters and sponsoring events and festivals. We love our job.

Art Comes Alive (ACA) is an annual fine art contest and exhibit that ACT partnered with to help artists be recognized for their talents and gain exposure for their work (and win some cash prizes and even gallery and publishing contracts in the process, which is always nice). Above all, ACA’s mission is to “connect private and corporate art collectors, design professionals, industry experts, and artists together.”

Back in March, we invited our customers to send in their art for the Art Comes Alive contest. It seemed like such a long way away back then, but now the awards ceremony is happening Saturday, June 20. Our President and CEO, Daryle Stafford, and his wife are the lucky ones who were “chosen” (yes, they did, in fact, choose themselves) to be there for the event. Those of us back at the headquarters are jealous that we can’t be there too.

As a corporate partner for ACA, Daryle will represent ACT and have the privilege of presenting awards to some of the “brightest and best artists in North America,” and we can’t wait to see the artwork he will purchase. And of course, Daryle and his wife are honored to be able to spend the weekend speaking with artists from many different backgrounds to learn more about them and the art community where they live. We are excited to hear about what they learned while at the event.

While providing insurance to artists and crafters is our main responsibility, we are also art lovers ourselves. If all we did at our job every day is sit and think about insurance all day long, we would probably all go crazy. Luckily that is not the case. We are constantly thinking about artists and crafters and what we can do to make their lives easier. We enjoy learning about the art industry and going out to visit artists and crafters in the communities where they live and work. And we love sponsoring events and festivals where artists have the opportunity to showcase their talent and hard work.

Stay tuned! On Monday, we will post some pictures of the event and also the results of the awards ceremony. Good luck to all of you who sent in your artwork and were chosen to participate in the awards ceremony. And to all of our customers out there, we wish you the very best as you work to create beautiful works of art and amazing crafts.


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