ACT's Top 4 FAQs

ACTs Top 4 FAQs

Traditionally, insurance has been a complicated mess for the average person to try and understand. Artist, Crafters, and Tradesmen Insurance (ACT) is working hard to make it a little easier. Not only do we offer tailored artist insurance, but now we’re answering four of the most common questions artists ask about insurance.

1)What Is An Additional Insured?

You probably know that it is a good idea to have artist insurance when you attend fairs and festivals. However, many times the organization hosting the event will also need your policy to cover it. On your insurance policy, that organization is known as an additional insured.

There are some insurance companies that charge an additional premium to add an additional insured to your policy, and sometimes they will also limit how many additional insureds you are allowed to have on a policy. An artist insurance policy through ACT allows you to add an unlimited number of additional insureds at no extra cost.

2)What’s The Difference Between The Annual and Show Policies?

Besides the length of time the policy is in force, there are several key differences between the Annual and Show Policies. Here are the main differences:

Show Policy

This is a great artist insurance policy if you only plan on attending a few shows each year. Some of the highlights include:

  • Coverage for 1–90 days
  • General liability coverage
  • Not premises specific
  • Coverage at events, shows, and fairs
  • No deductible on liability claims

To learn more about our show policy, click here.

Annual Policy

The annual artist insurance policy might be a better choice if you plan on vending at many shows throughout the year, or even if you just need or want broader coverage. In addition to the coverage offered by the show policy, the annual policy includes:

  • Coverage for 365 days
  • Products completed operations coverage
  • Business personal property coverage
  • General liability for online sales
  • Personal and advertising injury coverage
  • Optional professional liability coverage

To learn more about our annual policy, click here.

3)Does An ACT Policy Cover My Studio Or Workplace?

An artist insurance policy by ACT is designed to offer you liability coverage for the area you have rented or leased during a show, festival, or fair. As mentioned above, you can add as many additional locations as you need, but the policy doesn’t provide coverage for your studio or workplace, nor can you add it as an additional insured.

4)Does ACT Offer A Group Policy?

As an artist, you might work with several other artists and together you might wonder if you can buy a group policy that covers everybody at once. Unfortunately, ACT does not offer group policies. To be covered under an ACT artist insurance policy, each person must have their own insurance policy.

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