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Customizable Coverage For Creators

Artist insurance for one day, one month, or one year
(and everything in between).

For over a decade, ACT has been helping creators protect their hand-crafted businesses with high-quality coverage. Both our annual and show policies include:

Used and Loved by Thousands of Creators just like you!

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Our Business is Protecting Yours

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“ACT Insurance allows me to buy the coverage I need, when I need it. No shows, for a few months? No problem! Need a policy for a show this weekend? No problem either!” 

—Chris L.

“I chose ACT insurance because it is tailored to exactly my needs as an artist. Having coverage of my work in transit was an important feature for me and with stained glass, it definitely gives me peace of mind that would otherwise be a constant source of stress!” 

Jeremy W.

What's Included?

Show Policies:

Annual Policies:

Starting at $49/Event or $24.25/Month

Join the thousands of creators who trust aCT insurance

“Very easy to work with and instant satisfaction. Fast, reasonable, and so easy to understand. Best find ever.”

—Debra G.

we know how much you care about your business and your work

—and we care too. You see value in places others can’t. You take the time to hand-craft a product made to inspire, wear, or enjoy. And that deserves to be protected.

It’s why we started ACT. With artists, crafters, and tradesmen in mind, we made it our goal to offer high quality coverage from an A+ superior rated company at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to worry about the risks or face costly claims alone. 

Ben, Product Marketing Manager

—Ben Bluhm

Product Marketing Manager. |  ACT Insurance

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