Why Shopping at Local Craft Fairs Matters

Why Shopping at Local Craft Fairs Matters

The ACT Insurance program was designed to help artists and crafters get the insurance that they need. We are proud to know that our program helps our customers continue their work and participate in craft fairs and other events. Here are a few reasons that craft fairs are so important to the crafters, the customers, and the community.

  1. Craft fairs save dying arts by giving leatherworkers, woodworkers, textile weavers, and other artisans a venue to show their wares.‚Äč
  2. Crafts sold at craft fairs are made with love (not underpaid labor).
  3. By purchasing goods at a craft fair, you are supporting people rather than corporations.
  4. When you purchase from a craft fair, you can know that the product you are buying is unique.
  5. Visiting a craft fair is a chance to meet local artists and appreciate their creativity rather than visiting a mall filled with the mass-produced merchandise.
  6. Handcrafted items will usually last longer; in fact, they may become heirlooms.
  7. By purchasing crafts at an art fair, you are fostering creativity in your hometown.
  8. Crafts sold at craft fairs celebrate the diversity and culture of the community.
  9. Purchasing from craft fairs supports local entrepreneurs and the local economy. By buying at home, you keep that money at home.
  10. Buying goods at local fairs supports local art events and encourages your community to host more events like it in the future.

Share this list with friends and other crafters to encourage others to buy and sell local.

To learn more about the ACT Insurance Program, visit our homepage. If you do not need insurance now but would like to remember to revisit us in the future, you can set a reminder here.



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