Valentine's Day Is Coming! Gift Ideas for Artists or Crafters

Valentines Day Is Coming! Gift Ideas for Artists or Crafters

In 1775, Paul Revere rode ahead of the advancing British troops and called out, “The British are coming. The British are coming.” This gave the Colonists the time they needed to prepare and be ready when the British arrived.

If Paul had really wanted to be helpful, though, he would have rode out into the streets on February 12th or 13th shouting, “Valentine's Day is coming. Valentine’s Day is coming.”

How many times has Valentine’s Day snuck up on you? The realization that you forgot the most romantic day of the year can be terrifying. Scrambling to plan dinner reservations and going from store to store trying to find roses that were long ago sold is not only stressful, but also not always worth the time.

Sometimes—especially if you have a creative significant other—they don’t want traditional Valentine’s Day gifts (although it never hurts to have flowers, chocolates, jewelry, and a card ready just in case). If you don’t really know what to get, here are five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for artists and crafters.

  1. Time to Work: If you’re going to give this gift, you need to make it look like you didn’t just come up with it the instant your significant other asks what you got them. Here’s an idea: Create a nice card or coupon that says you’ll give them one hour (or however many hours you choose) of completely uninterrupted time each day/week so they can work on their art or craft projects without stressing about the distractions that can get in the way. Flowers and chocolates might be appropriate as well.
  1. Art and Craft Supplies: The best kind of art supplies for you to buy are ones that are thoughtful. Say, for example, your spouse showed you something he or she wished they could get but couldn’t—for whatever reason. Getting them that item means you are almost guaranteed to be a Valentine’s Day gift hero or heroine.
  1. Register Them for Membership in an Art or Craft Association, Guild, or Organization: This one is tricky and might not be possible because of financial or qualification requirements, but your significant other will likely be overjoyed at the gift. Plus, it might be tax deductible, depending on your situation.
  1. Art or Craft Magazine Subscription: Getting mail (aside from bills) can be fun and this gift is one that comes all throughout the year. Many magazines have helpful information and ideas that your artist or crafter can use.
  1. A Room of Their Own Where They Can Create Their Arts and Crafts: This gift only works if A) They don’t already have a room of their own, and B) You can spare the space. If you can, this gift might be one of the greatest gifts you can give a creative person and would be a gift they likely will never forget.

Consider this blog post your “Paul Revere” reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming. Hopefully these gift ideas have helped you come up with the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Do you agree with our list? Have other Valentine’s Day gift ideas for artists and crafters? Please comment below.


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