Top 10 Signs You Are an Artist or Crafter

Top 10 Signs You Are an Artist or Crafter

Sometimes it’s not difficult to know what a person does for a living because they leave signs all everywhere. We asked our Facebook followers to come up with the Top Ten Signs You Are An Artist or Crafter. We got some fun and creative responses.

10 Signs You Are an Artist or Crafter:

  1. Your hands are never clean—and you’re okay with that.
  2. You get really excited to see things left on the curb.
  3. You appreciate beauty in things that may not be that way for many people.
  4. You shower AFTER work to wash the shavings and sawdust outta your hair!
  5. You can't decide if that's ink, paint, or glue in your eyebrows and don't even ask how long it's been there.
  6. You are too scared to throw any scraps away, take anything to the thrift shop, put in a yard sale, or share cause you might need it for something later.
  7. When you give your son the dining room and steal his bedroom for your craft room and your stuff is still all over the house!
  8. Time flies by and you can't believe it's past time for supper when you feel like just started.
  9. You have five or six or nine pieces you're creating all at once…
  10. You have a whole wardrobe of clothes that you don't mind dripping paint on!

Thanks everyone for your contributions. Now, unless you have something you’d like to add, stop reading this blog post and get back to your art or crafts!


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