10 Things You'll Find in Every Artist's Bag

10 Things Youll Find in Every Artists Bag

Construction workers have their hammers, hard hats, and gloves. Police have their handcuffs, flashlight, and gun. Doctors have stethoscopes, tongue depressors, and syringes. You get the idea. Every profession has certain equipment and supplies that come with the territory. Artists are no exception, so we asked our Facebook followers and did a little research to find the ten things that you will find in almost every artist’s bag.

10 Things You’ll Find in an Artist’s Bag

  1. Sharpie, Pencils, Pens, Paint Brushes: Okay, technically these are four different items and should take up almost half the list, but this is my list and I make the rules, so I’m counting them as one.
  2. Zip and Velcro Ties: I have absolutely no idea why an artist would need these. Can someone enlighten me?
  3. Tablets, and/or Laptop: For taking notes and keeping track of measurements. These are never used for games, Internet browsing, or Facebook updates that would distract the artist. Never, ever. Yep….What?!...Don’t look at me like that.
  4. Tape Measure or Ruler: Good for measuring. No, really!
  5. Sketch Pad: Makes sense. No explanation needed.
  6. Pencil Sharpener: Just in case.
  7. Camera: This isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it’s nice to capture images and use them later for inspiration.
  8. Water Bottle: To, you know, carry water for cleaning brushes. I guess you could drink it too, but maybe do that before you actually start to clean your paint brushes.
  9. Snacks: Also not for everybody, but taking a little food break once in a while is good for creativity. At least that’s what the little devil on my left shoulder tells me.
  10. Phone: Yes, the phone can be helpful for artists, as long as it’s not being used just for texts and phone calls.

Do you have anything in your bag that we didn’t include here? What If you could only have one item in your artist bag? What would you choose? Please comment below.


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